•  Always have the DIT contact me before shooting, every job has it's own idiosyncrasies.

•  Pro-Res 422 same size and frame rate that was shot.

•  Pixel Aspect Square - Data Levels Auto

•  48 Khz 24 Bit Linear PCM Audio Track for all Sync Sound

•  Transcoded Files must match back to original. Source file name must be embedded.

•  If Transcoding with Resolve, please include copy of DRP File in case scenes or clips need to be re-output for scaling or grade adjustments. Please include all stills and LUTS.

•  When sending drives please ensure that all sound files are present.

•  All sync audio must be synced to dailies for all takes on all cameras that have corresponding audio files.

•  Please include camera, sound and script notes.


•  Please send all master files to me on a hard drive that will be vaulted with the job elements when the project    is completed. Production should keep their own copy for safety.

•  Drive should be USB3 or Thunderbolt. 7200 RPM. Minimum data speed is 300mb/s

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